In Survivor Guilt, Haig Tahta continues the story of several characters from his outstanding family saga, The Constantinople Trilogy.  Carrying forward the adventure that began with those who suffered the terrors of 1915, the reader is taken on a perilous yet exciting journey through Fascist Italy and Vichy France.  In the course of his electrifying narrative, Tahta explores the connection between the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Anatolia and the more notorious Jewish Holocaust through a compelling plot fuelled by the notion of guilt - not of the oppressor but of the victim who survived.

Haig Tahta attained his degree in Modern History at Oxford where he specialized in “the Eastern Question.” On leaving Oxford, he became a lawyer, remaining in that profession for forty years. Along with his brother, Dick Tahta, Haig translated the classic Armenian novel, Burning Orchards, published by Black Apollo Press. The first novel of Haig’s projected trilogy, April 1915, was published in 2005. Constantinople 1920 is the second in this series which follows the Avakian family through the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

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by Haig Tahta

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