Hearing Silence
Laurinda Brown & Alf Coles

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ISBN 9781900355599

Publication Date:July 08


Hearing Silence: Learning to Teach Mathematics

by Laurinda Brown & Alf Coles

This book is about a collaboration between two mathematics
teachers. It offers a historical narrative of their joint research into
what is involved in becoming a teacher of mathematics. This is
a story of change and the process of change.

Laurinda Brown and Alf Coles have collaborated for over 10
years, researching strategies for the teaching of mathematics.
Their work is valued in both the research and teaching

“ ... worldwide research projects in the development of teaching
in mathematics education tend to encourage models of critically
reflective practice ... [t]his type of research is well illustrated by
the work of Coles and Brown.”
(from Nickson, M. (2003) ‘A
review of BSRLM research, 1995-2002’ (ed. J. Winter), British
Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, Monograph
Series: Number 1, Totton, Hampshire 2003)
Laurinda Brownteaches at the University of Bristol, Graduate
School of Education, having previously been a mathematics
teacher and a curriculum developer.
Alf Coles teaches at Kingsfield School, South Gloucestershire.
He is also doing a part-time PhD at the University of Bristol,
taking on the ideas of ‘listening’ that are detailed in the last
chapter of this book.

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