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The first book of the Joseph Radkin Investigations series was originally published in 1985 by Pluto Press as part of their New Crime imprint of mysteries with a social relevance. Strange Inheritance begins with a carton of letters and a stack of hundred dollar bills - an inheritance Radkin has received from his recently deceased dad. As Radkin’s father was a life-long union activist who died disillusioned and broke, where did all this money come from? Tracing his father’s mysterious life from clues in letters written aboard a remarkable merchant ship bound for North Africa during WW II, he stumbles upon a compelling story of one man’s quest for social justice in the aftermath of the cold war.

"This is a wonderful pot pourri of a book – part thriller, part contemporary history, part family saga… It is also gripping reading, beautifully written and, at times, very funny." Tribune

'What Biderman has done is to exchange the cheap thrills of macho car chases and hot lead with fascinating characters who lived through the tragedies of McCarthy's America and survived with their dignity intact … where criminals are the good guys and the villains are ordinary people who have betrayed a human trust. In the process he has given us an insight into a corner of American history that few of us knew existed." New Socialist


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