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Book 1: Strange Inheritance - ISBN: 9781900355360

Strange Inheritance begins with a carton of letters and a stack of hundred dollar bills - an inheritance Radkin has received from his recently deceased dad. As Radkin's father was a life-long union activist who died disillusioned and broke, where did all this money come from? Tracing his father's mysterious life from clues in letters written aboard a remarkable merchant ship bound for North Africa during WW II, he stumbles upon a compelling story of one man's quest for social justice in the aftermath of the cold war.

"This is a wonderful pot pourri of a book – part thriller, part contemporary history, part family saga… It is also gripping reading, beautifully written and, at times, very funny." Tribune

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Book 2: The Genesis Files - ISBN: 9781900355377

When an outbreak of salmonella at a San Francisco hospital coincides with a mysterious and deadly explosion at its research laboratory there is some dangerous detective work to be done by Joseph Radkin, a feisty investigative journalist and anxious father-to-be, reluctantly covering the story for a down-market tabloid. What was Dr Greene, the last bastion of community medicine, doing in the laboratory at the dead of night? And why was he there with Professor Krohl, a genetic engineer 'whose idea of public health was giving every frog an extra head'?

"A pacey tale with a vigorously human hero and a central theme that, distressingly, comes closer to reality than fiction." The Lady

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Book 3: Judgement of Death - ISBN: 9781900355384

Joseph Radkin is sent to London to take over a story comparing two sensational poison trials: one contemporary; the other a notorious Victorian case. His assignment soon takes on a sinister aspect as Radkin learns that his predecessor's death may not have been an accident. Tracing the shadowy connections between past and present, Radkin uncovers corruption – and worse – among the highest echelons of British society.

"Roller-coaster pace leaves reader breathless." The Guardian

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Book 4: Paper Cuts - ISBN: 9781900355193

Investigative journalist Joseph Radkin is sent to Oregon to look into a bitter dispute between the logging industry and environmentalists. When a famed ecologist is killed, coupled with the disappearance of a lumber boss' daughter, Radkin finds himself caught up in a dangerous story that goes far beyond clear-cutting the ancient redwoods.

"A truly gripping thriller that packs a message!" - Popular Fictions

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Book 5: Mayan Strawberries - ISBN: 9781900355407

A young Mixtec Indian from Guatemala follows the trail of tears through Mexico to a migrant camp in the strawberry fields of California. There, instead of refuge, he finds himself accused of murder. Is he the killer or a patsy set up to distract attention from a right wing cult? Mayan Strawberries combines a fascinating anthropological study with the deadly politics of Central America. Final book of the Radkin series and never previously published. A Black Apollo Original.

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