Dick Tahta was born in Manchester, of parents who had survived the events of 1915 in Turkey.. As a second-generation immigrant, he was interested in the nature of identity
Using Atom Egoyan’s film, Arara
, as a launching pad, Tahta offers some fascinating interpretations of Armenian history, religion, language and literature. His digressions into youthful memories, family history and his own travels through Eastern Anatolia, give this book a warm and personal feel.

Ararat Associations
Dick Tahta
13.95, $19.95


ISBN 1900355507


Named by the theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, as the teacher who had most inspired him, Dick Tahta was one of the outstanding mathematics educators of his generation. Lecturing at Exeter University, he was a leading member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics and part of the ATM collective that wrote the influential books Some Lessons in Mathematics, Notes on Mathematics in Primary Schools and Mathematical Reflections. He founded and edited the ATM journal Recognitions, and was co-editor of another ATM publication, Mathematics Teaching.

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