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BOOK ONE of Haig Tahta's Constantinople Trilogy, April 1915, is focused around the brutal expulsion of the Armenian community from Anatolia seen from the perspective of four families.

BOOK TWO. The British Occupation - chronicles the impending fall of the Ottomans, exploring the circumstances and atmosphere of the City during the British control, culminating in the defeat of the Greek army and the dramatic burning of Smyrna.

BOOK THREE, End of Empire - the starting point of this final part of the trilogy is the day after the catastrophic fire that destroyed Smyrna. It follows the same characters and the fate of those forced to flee their ancestral homes, culminating in the demise of the Ottoman Empire and the end of the once great Imperial City.

In his Constantinople Trilogy, Tahta examines the momentous epoch, from 1915 through 1923, with insight and compassion. Intellectually challenging and sometimes provocative, Tahta has written an inspired literary account of a critical time too often ignored but essential in understanding the roots of contemporary European hostilities. Compellingly told through stories of personal lives, this is historical fiction at its best – humane and deeply moving.






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